(Archived from April 2006)

A few weeks ago, Pastor Ernest said something that has taken me weeks to comprehend and get to the bottom of.

We were talking about fasting and prayer and setting people free from demonic oppression. While I was emphasizing the fact that there are hierarchies of demonic power [in the scripture ‘this kind goeth not but by prayer and fasting] and also on the need for us to be fasting more now than ever before SPECIFICALLY to deal with these, he sighed a few words and said to me:

‘You know, I am deeply convinced that the statement Jesus uttered, he uttered while located on the other side of time, that is, at a time way before the shedding of His blood at the cross. I believe that in the blood covenant (the new and living way!) the need to NECESSARILY CRANK UP a fast in order to cast out a demon is now out of date!’

After hearing these, I began to ponder upon the Word of God if in God’s Word there is anything which might agree with this assertion. Within a few days the light had shone bright and clear. Below are my findings.

 In Revelations 1:5, Jesus is revealed as the ‘Prince (or Ruler) of the Kings of the earth’. Way before the cross, devils could hinder or delay answered prayer. An example of this is in Daniel 10:13 where the angel answered Daniel telling him that the ‘Prince’ of Persia had withstood him for twenty one days. However, we must understand that this happened before ‘D-Day’. At the cross, Jesus ‘…stripped all the spiritual tyrants in the universe of their sham (or fake) authority at the Cross and marched them naked through the streets. (Col 2:15) (MSG) The EMTV Bible puts it across this way: ‘And having disarmed principalities and powers, He mocked them in public, triumphing over them in it.’ Another version of the Bible puts it across this way: ‘He disarmed the rulers and authorities and put them to open shame, by triumphing over them in Him.’ (ESV) We must then understand one important aspect about devils: that they are now not only stripped of authority, but they are in fact, now ‘NAKED’!

When Jesus said that, He was talking or addressing a ‘John the Baptist generation’. He was talking to people who were still living under the Old Testament or better known as the Old Will. During this time He also pointed that although John was the greatest among all of them, the least person who was going to live in the New Will will be greater than John the Baptist himself. The Christ Creation would obviously by far outmatch the Fallen Creation.

When Theologians talk about the shedding of the blood of Jesus, all they seem to talk about is just the issue of the ‘remission or forgiveness of sin’. What they don’t realise is that Jesus did not necessarily need to go to the cross in order to forgive man’s sin. In actual fact, at one time, He actually said that forgiving was the easiest thing to do {Mark 2:9}. Certainly, we must get to the bottom of this matter! There is more that the blood has done for us that is far beyond the issue of forgiveness.

What we need to understand is that all these titles, ‘Prince of Persia, Prince of Babylon, etc, are now no more, as Christ is now on the seat of authority. His coming down to earth was so that He could clear the mess that was on planet earth, and having finished this work, He had to ascend up into the celestial places and while ascending, to clear the mess that had been there all this while. Today, your prayers can and will be answered immediately because the veil of the heavenly temple was torn apart giving you access. Dominion is yours. Power is yours. Dominion is yours. While on Faith Globe’s first live transmission, Pastor Junior Buchanan said recently that in this end time hour, the devil’s greatest prayer to God is going to be ‘Lord, please, please, why don’t you now just take them all AWAY to your heaven!’

In the book ‘Alien Entities’, Lester Sumrall says ‘there is nothing more forceful than an idea whose time has come’. The church must cease being a referral station! It must stand up in God’s Name and proclaim: ‘We’ve got the answer to every human need!’ We must believe and start acting on it… Any believer, any born-again person, anyone who knows the Lord Jesus Christ personally can cast out devils. In Mark 16:17 and 18, Jesus tells us that certain signs shall follow those who believe, and the very first one of these signs is the fact that they – all of them – shall cast out devils. This ability does not depend upon our own power, strength, faith, or name. He said that we shall cast out devils in His Name… A person can be born again at this moment, and then immediately walk out on the street and set somebody else free from demon possession. He is on the team already. The instant he comes into the Kingdom of God, he has Kingdom power and authority – if he knows it and believes it.’ [2]

A born again person must understand that they are now a new species, formed into a NEW ‘Molecular’ Structure which follows after the similitude of Jesus Christ Himself and nothing less! (John3:6; Rev 1:5-6; John 1:12; Ephesians 4:13) The more people we get born again, the more we destroy Satan’s kingdom.

So what really is the key to walking in this power? The key is getting a fresh revelation of the message of the cross and getting the revelation inscribed beyond our minds, that is, getting it inscribed on the inner-tablets of our hearts. This truth must go beyond intellectual level, and all the way into your spiritual belly.

There are probably millions of alien entities roaming the streets of our towns and tormenting God’s people today. Let us not be lazy anymore but go out and set God’s people free from the hand of these mischievous crooks, intruders and dirty thugs. They are all naked and stripped, and they know it. So they will certainly try to hide themselves every time they see you shining the face of Christ in this dark world. They know that they are naked and thus are extremely vulnerable and will try to hide themselves each time they are spotted. “There is no peace,” says the LORD, “for the wicked.” (Isaiah 48:22) They live in constant terror and extreme fear because they are no more.

Although the devil is now naked, does it mean that we should go and be casting out EVERY demon in every person? No, not at all. Two things are paramount here which are: 1. The unction of the Holy Spirit, and 2. The authority of the person requiring deliverance. God will never force Himself to deliver someone who does not want help and so neither should we force ourselves onto anyone. However, one thing should be borne in mind at the end of the day which is that the devil is naked and the Christ Creature does not need power to expel him out of their presence. All they need is authority and they have been given more than that. They have been given the very identity of God almighty as well as His DNA, eternal life. John 1:12 and 1 John 5:11 among others point this out clearly. The devil and his cohorts live in constant fear and are all stripped off, naked, and vulnerable!

Simbarashe Log onto www.freshwordpower.org and read another power statement to take you into the next level! Notes: [2] ‘Alien Entities’ By Lester Sumrall. Whitaker House. 1994